Interface PropertySheet.Item

    • Method Detail

      • getType

        Class<?> getType()
        Returns the class type of the property.
      • getName

        String getName()
        Returns the display name of the property, which should be short (i.e. less than two words). This is used to explain to the end user what the property represents and is displayed beside the PropertyEditor. If you need to explain more detail to the user, consider placing it in the getDescription().
      • getDescription

        String getDescription()
        A String that will be shown to the user as a tooltip. This allows for a longer form of detail than what is possible with the getName() method.
      • getValue

        Object getValue()
        Returns the current value of the property.
      • setValue

        void setValue​(Object value)
        Sets the current value of the property.
      • getObservableValue

        Optional<ObservableValue<? extends Object>> getObservableValue()
        Returns the underlying ObservableValue, where one exists, that the editor can monitor for changes.
      • getPropertyEditorClass

        default Optional<Class<? extends PropertyEditor<?>>> getPropertyEditorClass()
        Returns an Optional wrapping the class of the PropertyEditor that should be used for editing this item. The default implementation returns Optional.empty() The class must have a constructor that can accept a single argument of type PropertySheet.Item
      • isEditable

        default boolean isEditable()
        Indicates whether the PropertySheet should allow editing of this property, or whether it is read-only. The default implementation returns true.