Class RectangleSelection.SelectionRange

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    public static class RectangleSelection.SelectionRange
    extends Object
    Utility class to transform a list of selected cells into a union of ranges.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SelectionRange

        public SelectionRange()
    • Method Detail

      • fill

        public void fill​(List<TablePosition> list,
                         SpreadsheetView spv)
        Construct a SelectionRange with a List of Pair where the value is the row and the value is column.
        list -
        spv -
      • fillClipboardRange

        public void fillClipboardRange​(List<ClipboardCell> list)
        Fills this ClipBoardRange with a list a ClipboardCell. The result can be accessed with the getRange() method.
        list - the list a ClipboardCell
      • key

        public static Long key​(int row,
                               int column)