Class WorldMapViewSkin

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      • WorldMapViewSkin

        public WorldMapViewSkin​(WorldMapView view)
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      • layoutChildren

        protected void layoutChildren​(double contentX,
                                      double contentY,
                                      double contentWidth,
                                      double contentHeight)
        layoutChildren in class SkinBase<WorldMapView>
      • loadData

        protected Properties loadData()
        Loads the properties file that is storing the SVG path information for each country. This method can be overriden to provide a different, maybe more detailed, data set. However, the default data set used by ControlsFX has to be small in order to keep the distribution small. The structure of the properties file needs to look like this:
             AE=M619.87,393.72L620.37,393.57L620.48,394.41L622.67,393.93 ....
             AF=M646.88,356.9L649.74,358.2L651.85,357.74L652.44,356.1 ....
        the properties file storing the SVG path data for each country