Class FontAwesome

  • public class FontAwesome
    extends GlyphFont
    Defines a GlyphFont for the FontAwesome font set (see the FontAwesome website for more details).

    To use FontAwesome (or indeed any glyph font) in your JavaFX application, you firstly have to get access to the FontAwesome glyph font. You do this by doing the following:

    GlyphFont fontAwesome = GlyphFontRegistry.font("FontAwesome");

    This code works because all glyph fonts are found dynamically at runtime by the GlyphFontRegistry class, so you can simply request the font set you want from there.

    Once the font set has been loaded, you can simply start creating FontAwesome.Glyph nodes and place them in your user interface. For example:

    new Button("", fontAwesome.create(\uf013).fontColor(Color.RED));

    Of course, this requires you to know that \uf013 maps to a 'gear' icon, which is not always intuitive (especially when you re-read the code in the future). A simpler approach is to do the following:

    new Button("", fontAwesome.create(FontAwesome.Glyph.GEAR));
    new Button("", fontAwesome.create("GEAR"));
    It is possible to achieve the same result without creating a reference to icon font by simply using Glyph constructor
    new Button("", new Glyph("FontAwesome","GEAR");
    You can use the above Glyph class also in FXML and set the fontFamily and icon property there.
    See Also:
    GlyphFont, GlyphFontRegistry, FontAwesome.Glyph
    • Constructor Detail

      • FontAwesome

        public FontAwesome()
        Do not call this constructor directly - instead access the FontAwesome.Glyph public static enumeration method to create the glyph nodes), or use the GlyphFontRegistry class to get access. Note: Do not remove this public constructor since it is used by the service loader!
      • FontAwesome

        public FontAwesome​(String url)
        Creates a new FontAwesome instance which uses the provided font source.
        url -
      • FontAwesome

        public FontAwesome​(InputStream is)
        Creates a new FontAwesome instance which uses the provided font source.
        is -