Class ValueExtractor

  • public class ValueExtractor
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • addObservableValueExtractor

        public static void addObservableValueExtractor​(Predicate<Control> test,
                                                       Callback<Control,​ObservableValue<?>> extract)
        Add "obervable value extractor" for custom controls.
        test - applicability test
        extract - extraction of observable value
      • getValue

        public static Object getValue​(Node n)
        Attempts to return a value for the given Node. This is done by checking the map of value extractors, contained within this class. This map contains value extractors for common UI controls, but more extractors can be added by calling addObservableValueExtractor(Predicate, Callback).
        n - The node from whom a value will hopefully be extracted.
        The value of the given node.