Class Borders.EmptyBorders

  • Enclosing class:

    public class Borders.EmptyBorders
    extends Object
    A fluent API that is only indirectly instantiable via the Borders fluent API, and which allows for an empty border to be wrapped around a given Node.
    • Method Detail

      • padding

        public Borders.EmptyBorders padding​(double padding)
        Specifies that the wrapped Node should have the given padding around all four sides of itself.
      • padding

        public Borders.EmptyBorders padding​(double top,
                                            double right,
                                            double bottom,
                                            double left)
        Specifies that the wrapped Node should be wrapped with the given padding for each of its four sides, going in the order top, right, bottom, and finally left.
      • buildAll

        public Node buildAll()
        A convenience method, this is equivalent to calling build() followed by In other words, calling this will return the original Node wrapped in all its borders specified.