Class ExpandableTableRowSkin<S>

    • Constructor Detail

      • ExpandableTableRowSkin

        public ExpandableTableRowSkin​(TableRow<S> tableRow,
                                      TableRowExpanderColumn<S> expander)
        Create the ExpandableTableRowSkin and listen to changes for the item this table row represents. When the item is changed, the old expanded node, if any, is removed from the children list of the TableRow.
        tableRow - The table row to apply this skin for
        expander - The expander column, used to retrieve the expanded node when this row is expanded
    • Method Detail

      • computePrefHeight

        protected double computePrefHeight​(double width,
                                           double topInset,
                                           double rightInset,
                                           double bottomInset,
                                           double leftInset)
        Add the preferred height of the expanded Node whenever the expanded flag is true.
        computePrefHeight in class TableRowSkinBase<S,​TableRow<S>,​TableCell<S,​?>>
        The preferred height of the TableRow, appended with the preferred height of the expanded node if this row is currently expanded.
      • layoutChildren

        protected void layoutChildren​(double x,
                                      double y,
                                      double w,
                                      double h)
        Lay out the columns of the TableRow, then add the expanded content node below if this row is currently expanded.
        layoutChildren in class TableRowSkinBase<S,​TableRow<S>,​TableCell<S,​?>>