Class GridCellEditor

  • public class GridCellEditor
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • GridCellEditor

        public GridCellEditor​(SpreadsheetHandle handle)
        Construct the GridCellEditor.
    • Method Detail

      • updateSpreadsheetCell

        public void updateSpreadsheetCell​(CellView cell)
        Update the internal CellView
        cell -
      • updateSpreadsheetCellEditor

        public void updateSpreadsheetCellEditor​(SpreadsheetCellEditor spreadsheetCellEditor)
        Update the SpreadsheetCellEditor
        spreadsheetCellEditor -
      • endEdit

        public void endEdit​(boolean commitValue)
        Whenever you want to stop the edition, you call that method.
        True means you're trying to commit the value, then SpreadsheetCellType.match(java.lang.Object) will be called in order to verify that the value is correct.
        False means you're trying to cancel the value and it will be follow by end().
        See SpreadsheetCellEditor description
        commitValue - true means commit, false means cancel
      • isEditing

        public boolean isEditing()
        Return if this editor is currently being used.
        if this editor is being used.