Class SpreadsheetCellEditor

    • Constructor Detail

      • SpreadsheetCellEditor

        public SpreadsheetCellEditor​(SpreadsheetView view)
        Construct the SpreadsheetCellEditor.
        view -
    • Method Detail

      • endEdit

        public final void endEdit​(boolean b)
        Whenever you want to stop the edition, you call that method.
        True means you're trying to commit the value, then SpreadsheetCellType.convertValue(Object) will be called in order to verify that the value is correct.
        False means you're trying to cancel the value and it will be follow by end().
        See SpreadsheetCellEditor description
        b - true means commit, false means cancel
      • startEdit

        public void startEdit​(Object item)
        This method will be called when edition start.
        You will then do all the configuration of your editor.
        item -
      • getEditor

        public abstract Control getEditor()
        Return the control used for controlling the input. This is called at the beginning in order to display your control in the cell.
        the control used.
      • end

        public abstract void end()
        This method will be called at the end of edition.
        You will be offered the possibility to do the configuration post editing.
      • getMaxHeight

        public double getMaxHeight()
        Return the maximum height of the editor.
        50 by default.