Class RowHeader<S>

  • Type Parameters:
    S - The type of the objects contained within the TableView2 items list.
    All Implemented Interfaces:
    Styleable, EventTarget

    public class RowHeader<S>
    extends StackPane
    Display the row header on the left of the cells (view), where the user can display any content via TableView2.getRowHeader().
    • Constructor Detail

      • RowHeader

        public RowHeader​(TableView2<S> tableView)
        **************************************************************** CONSTRUCTOR
        tableView - ***************************************************************
    • Method Detail

      • getRowHeaderWidth

        public double getRowHeaderWidth()
        Gets the value of the property rowHeaderWidth.
        Property description:
      • computeHeaderWidth

        public double computeHeaderWidth()
      • getParentTableView

        public TableView2<S> getParentTableView()