Class TaskProgressView<T extends Task<?>>

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Styleable, EventTarget, Skinnable

    public class TaskProgressView<T extends Task<?>>
    extends Control
    The task progress view is used to visualize the progress of long running tasks. These tasks are created via the Task class. This view manages a list of such tasks and displays each one of them with their name, progress, and update messages.

    An optional graphic factory can be set to place a graphic in each row. This allows the user to more easily distinguish between different types of tasks.


    The picture below shows the default appearance of the task progress view control:
    Screenshot of TaskProgressView

    Code Sample

     TaskProgressView<MyTask> view = new TaskProgressView<>();
     view.setGraphicFactory(task -> return new ImageView("db-access.png"));
     view.getTasks().add(new MyTask());
    • Constructor Detail

      • TaskProgressView

        public TaskProgressView()
        Constructs a new task progress view.
    • Method Detail

      • getTasks

        public final ObservableList<T> getTasks()
        Returns the list of tasks currently monitored by this view.
        the monitored tasks
      • isRetainTasks

        public final boolean isRetainTasks()
        Checks if tasks will not be removed when succeeded, cancelled or failed.
        boolean determines if tasks will be retained
      • setRetainTasks

        public final void setRetainTasks​(boolean retainTasks)
        Do not remove tasks when succeeded, cancelled or failed.
        retainTasks - determines if tasks will be retained
      • getUserAgentStylesheet

        protected final String getUserAgentStylesheet​(Class<?> clazz,
                                                      String fileName)
        A helper method that ensures that the resource based lookup of the user agent stylesheet only happens once. Caches the external form of the resource.
        clazz - the class used for the resource lookup
        fileName - the name of the user agent stylesheet
        the external form of the user agent stylesheet (the path)