Class ColumnFilter<T,​R>

  • public final class ColumnFilter<T,​R>
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        public void initialize()
        Initializes this ColumnFilter, particularly if it was set up in a lazy context
      • isInitialized

        public boolean isInitialized()
        Returns boolean indicating whether this ColumnFilter was initialized
      • selectValue

        public void selectValue​(Object value)
        Allows selecting a given value programmatically for this ColumnFilter
      • unselectValue

        public void unselectValue​(Object value)
        Allows unselecting a given value programmatically for this ColumnFilter
      • selectAllValues

        public void selectAllValues()
        Selects all values for this given ColumnFilter
      • unSelectAllValues

        public void unSelectAllValues()
        Unselects all values for this given ColumnFilter
      • setSearchStrategy

        public void setSearchStrategy​(BiPredicate<String,​String> searchStrategy)
        Sets a search implementation for this BiPredicate for this given ColumnFilter.
      • getSearchStrategy

        public BiPredicate<String,​String> getSearchStrategy()
        Returns the search implementation for this given ColumnFilter.
      • isFiltered

        public boolean isFiltered()
        Indicates whether a filter is active on this ColumnFilter
      • valueIsVisible

        public boolean valueIsVisible​(R value)
        Indicates whether a given value is currently visible for this ColumnFilter
      • applyFilter

        public void applyFilter()
        Re-executes filter based on selections for this given ColumnFilter
      • getTableColumn

        public TableColumn<T,​R> getTableColumn()
        Returns the TableColumn attached to this given ColumnFilter
      • getTableFilter

        public TableFilter<T> getTableFilter()
        Returns the entire TableFilter this ColumnFilter belongs to