Class CommandLinksDialog

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    public class CommandLinksDialog
    extends Dialog<ButtonType>

    Dialog containing command links.

    Command links are similar to radio buttons. They are used to select from a set of mutually exclusive, related choices.
    Like radio buttons, command links are always presented in sets, never individually.
    Usage example:
    1. Create a list of command link buttons that represent the different choices:
      CommandLinksButtonType restartLink = new CommandLinksButtonType("Restart the program", false);
       CommandLinksButtonType closeLink = new CommandLinksButtonType("Close the program", false);
       CommandLinksButtonType waitLink = new CommandLinksButtonType("Wait for the program to respond",
       "This is the default option", true);
       List<CommandLinksButtonType> links = Arrays.asList(restartLink, closeLink, waitLink);
    2. Initialize the dialog with the list of command link buttons:
      CommandLinksDialog dialog = new CommandLinksDialog(links);
    3. Add dialog title and header content text as appropriate:
      dialog.setTitle("Microsoft Windows");
       dialog.getDialogPane().setContentText("Windows Explorer is not responding");